Flavour Trend: Guanábana

flavour trend GuanábanaFlavour Profile: Guanábana

Guanábana/Soursop is a fruit with a sweet profile, providing tropical flavour in all variety of applications. It’s nutritious properties: overall richness in vitamins, calcium and phosphorus make it a valuable healthy flavour option. 


Guanábana/Soursop originates from northern parts of South America but can be now found cultivated all over the world. It has a penetrating tropical flavour providing fleshy, mellow and aqueous notes. Its white flesh is custard-like and sweet. The flavour is similar to pineapple or banana, with a uniquely acidic note. 


Applications include Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages such as juice, Sugar Confectionery including Hard- Boiled Candy & Jelly, Bakery (Cookies), Dairy & Desserts including Ice Cream & Sorbet.