Acquired Taste

We bring the same creativity, market awareness and technical expertise to the world of flavours that we are known for in the fragrance sector.

Our global team of flavourists bring flair to the creation of unique taste experiences, tailoring each solution to suit the specific requirements of the brief.

Our technical experts then work closely with our customers to develop ways of delivering these flavours that are best suited to the product and manufacturing process for instance in liquid, granulated, powdered or encapsulated form. This maintains technical flavour performance and stability through the stages of production, warehousing and transportation.

Flavour Trends

We also carry out flavour testing to ensure that our newly created flavour profiles work for the intended consumer groups, replicating the right mouth feel and aroma for each individual product.

Our extensive food and beverage flavour market trend intelligence and on-the-ground knowledge helps us to manufacture extracts & flavourings that reflect current flavour trends as well as long-term preferences, adapting global and regional trends to suit local tastes.

Flavours In Consumer Products

In addition to our core competence in creating savoury flavours or sweet flavours, we have specific expertise in the areas of confectionery, dairy, beverages and oral care.

Our team of flavourists have developed outstanding flavour profiles for ice-cream, instant desserts, milkshakes, cheese, yogurts and spreads.

We have also created mouth-watering tastes for alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, tea and coffee, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks.
In the oral care sector we have developed carefully formulated flavours for oral care products including mint toothpaste, spearmint mouthwash, dental floss or cinnamon flavoured chewing gum.