Fragrance Creation

Design an outstanding fragrance is a combination of inspired creativity and technical excellence. Our perfumers bring long experience and acutely developed sensibilities to the task of creating fragrances for our customers. Their genius is in blending new and familiar fragrance notes to create captivating new accords.

It is our technical experts who solve the challenge of making the noses’ creations work with the product, in the right quantities, and at the right price point.

We are a creative fragrance house that prides itself on developing successful solutions for our clients, solutions that help them to win new customers and build a loyal long term following.

Fragrance For Consumer Products

EFF creates fragrances for the whole range of consumer products, from fine fragrances for fashion brands to personal care fragrance in laundry detergents and scent for fabric care.

Our teams of fragrance evaluators are constantly reviewing new products, across all the markets and product types in which we operate, discovering the latest global fragrance trends.

Our fragrance evaluation facilities include a salon to test fragrance in hair care products, custom-designed air care testing booths, and a full-scale laundry facility to test for fragrance in laundry detergent and fabric softener fragrance.

Smelling of Roses

Around the world the use of potentially harmful chemicals in fragrances is increasingly regulated.

Across all our markets, we monitor the regulatory landscape carefully and as committed members of IFRA, the safety of our perfumes is our first consideration.

To ensure we exceed quality standards for both our own requirements and those of our customers all our processes, services, equipment and products are ISO9001 (international organisation for standardisation) certificated.