The Invisible Ingredients
That Make All The Difference

European Flavours and Fragrances (EFF Group) is an international fragrance house & flavour manufacturer, headquartered in the UK, with offices around the world.


The senses of smell and taste stimulate the oldest part of our brains and affect the way we feel. At EFF we create original fragrances and flavours to enhance every kind of product from luxury perfumes to everyday consumer brands.

Each of our solutions is unique, expertly blended and produced to the highest specifications. We’re able to manufacture fragrances or flavours in quantities large or small, cost-effectively and with great precision. We’re also geared towards rapid response because we know our customers have to be quick to market.

We create the invisible ingredients that make all the difference.

Acting with one accord

Fragrance and flavour are key aspects of our customers’ brands, as important as advertising, packaging and point-of-sale in winning and keeping market share.

We know you’re looking for a distinctive signature that will make your products desirable, memorable and different.

Our approach brings creativity together with market intelligence, local knowledge and technical excellence to make sure that they will appeal to consumers, wherever in the world they are.