Instrumental in Success

Our technology is state-of-the-art. We have the latest in automated dosing equipment that monitors output and stock to new levels of accuracy.

Our GCMS and mass spectrometry capabilities help to unlock the secrets of nature, ensuring you get the very best fragrance performance, from the laboratory, to factory production and into the world beyond.

As an ISO certified company, we combine the ability to monitor each potential variable with a serious commitment to global quality systems, meaning customers can place their trust in us to always get it right when it counts.


Global Harmony

Our global reach and expertise means we know what is required to help you develop your product from its first design through to the shelf.

Our analytical capabilities, commitment to quality and regulatory teams across the world ensure that we constantly monitor and innovate.

They also ensure we meet and aim to exceed our obligations to keep ahead of global regulation, product by product across both flavour and fragrance industries.

Technically Correct

Our commitment to R&D and technology has defined our service since the very beginning.

For decades we have fine-tuned our fragrance and flavour delivery and release products, and as a consequence have an extensive range of trademarked systems. This includes our bespoke encapsulate product range for use in a multitude of applications across flavour and fragrance.

Our highly flexible malodour neutralising and odour absorbing products facilitate fragrancing some of the most challenging applications.