Flavour Trends

Flavour Trend: Guanábana

Flavour Profile: Guanábana Guanábana/Soursop is a fruit with a sweet profile, providing tropical flavour in all variety of applications. It's nutritious properties: overall richness in vitamins, calcium and phosphorus make it a valuable healthy flavour option.    Guanábana/Soursop originates from northern parts of South America but can be now found cultivated all over the world. It has a penetrating tropical flavour providing fleshy, mellow and aqueous notes. Its white flesh is custard-like and sweet. The flavour is similar to pineapple or banana, with a uniquely acidic note.    Applications include Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages such as juice, Sugar Confectionery including Hard-...
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Flavour Trend: Rose

Flavour Trend: Rose Rose has a floral flavour profile most used in oriental cultures which notes are trendy that’s why we could find present in so many food products in the market nowadays. Flavour Description: Rose flavour provides pungent and freshness notes tasted in mouth that ensure good taste alone or blended with other flavours. Rose flavour applications include beverages like tea and flavoured water, confectionery items, and dairy items like ice cream, yoghurt and milkshakes. Request a sample of the rose flavour from EFF here.
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Flavour Profile: Natural Raspberry

                                Flavour Summary Raspberry is a fruit known as nature's candy with a sweet profile, providing freshness flavour in all variety of applications. Its salubrious nutritious properties as suppression the inflammation, reduction the blood pressure and risk of heart attack, make it into a one of the best healthy options. Flavour Description The Raspberry flavour is defined as a green, acid and sweet natural profile. It evokes sensations of fresh juicy fruit with slightly crunchy floral undertones blended with woody notes taste at the end....
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