Behind the Scenes At EFF: A Smelling Session

Have you ever wondered what meetings are like at a global fragrance manufacturing company?

How do we drive our creativity through our affiliate companies to leverage on the staggering amount of new perfumes being created each week by our global team of perfumers?

Every week at EFF’s 8 global offices, we have meetings between our key teams to determine which of our newest and best creations, created across our global creative centers could be the most interesting for the domestic market that the particular office is based in.

We talk specifically about the intricSmell Session At European Flavours and Fragrancesacies of the fragrance, its notes, what we like about it, its potential end applications, whether it needs further creative input to make it market, product or client specific, then we make a plan of action.

Also during these meetings, we may discuss new trends, especially new ones that are market or country specific and that might be interesting to create new fragrances concepts for. We talk about the full array of end products that we create for – what are the new launches within these categories, what is new and exciting to the market and what would be interesting to show our clients from this information.

One of EFFs strengths is our marketing services – what gaps are there in the market that we could suggest to our clients they might be able to fill with a new product that fits the right trend at the right time.

These smelling sessions are a moment of fun and discovery. It’s always fascinating to smell with people from different parts of the world, because you have an excuse to talk about the lasting memories we take for granted that scent always has the power to invoke. They are an excellent time to stop and exchange ideas on EFFs product offering, and look at what we might need to do to keep our clients on the pulse and ensure that they are seeing the most creative and exciting fragrances that EFF have to offer, all year round.